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  • What is the organization of DeMolay?
    DeMolay in the United States is organized by state. Each state is under the direction of an Executive Officer. He coordinates the activities of advisors to assist chapters in operation. Each follows the same guidelines set forth by DeMolay International in order to provide a quality experience for young men that is in harmony with moral and legal standards.
  • Why haven't I heard of DeMolay?
    Often DeMolay chapters become so involved in planning, organizing, and enjoying their activities, they overlook promoting their chapter within a community, as they should. However, in the age of the internet and the sensationalism of news, networks tend to focus on the bad acts of young people rather than those concerned about themselves and their communities, like DeMolay members. ​ If you have not heard of DeMolay, perhaps you have heard of some of the persons who were DeMolays as teenagers. These famous alumni include Walt Disney, actor John Wayne, comedians Tommy and Dick Smothers, pro football quarterback Fran Tarkenton, Dan Rather, Willard Scott, owner of the San Diego Chargers Alex Spanos, and news legend Walter Cronkite. Many of these individuals and other community and business leaders credit part of their success to their DeMolay experience.
  • Where did the name DeMolay Come from?
    The name came from Jacques DeMolay, the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar during The Crusades. The original nine members of DeMolay selected the name in honor of his high principles.
  • Where are DeMolay Chapters Located?
    While Hollywood Chapter by itself is a great opportunity, DeMolay is a worldwide organization. DeMolay Chapters are located in all fifty states, the District of Columbia and nine foreign countries. In the United States there are over 25,000 current members which operate over 800 chapters. No matter where you are, there's a chance for you to connect with brothers and be part of a tight-knit network!
  • Is DeMolay is a Tax Deductible Charity?
    DeMolay is a recognized 501(c)3 Charity by the IRS. Therefore all contributions to the organization are tax deductible. To make a tax deductible contribution contact the KY DeMolay Office. Additionally, our adult workers may deduct certain expenses incurred by volunteering for a chapter (such as gas, tolls, lodging, etc.). For more information, contact a chapter.
  • Is DeMolay a religious organization?
    No. Among the requirements for membership in DeMolay is the belief in a Supreme Being, but not one particular doctrine, sect, or denomination. A young man’s religious convictions are his own. DeMolay’s members include those that follow Christians, Jews, Mormons, Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, and other religious groups. DeMolay does not involve itself in religious discussions. It merely recognizes the importance of faith in the lives of young men. The virtue of Reverence for Sacred Things seeks to remind our members to rely upon and use their own faith in life. A DeMolay’s Ethics: A DeMolay serves God. A DeMolay honors all womanhood. A DeMolay loves and honors his parents. A DeMolay is honest. A DeMolay is loyal to ideals and friends. A DeMolay is courteous. A DeMolay is at all times a gentleman. A DeMolay is a patriot in peace as well as war. A DeMolay is clean in mind and body. A DeMolay upholds the public schools. A DeMolay is a good citizen. A DeMolay preserves our high standard.
  • Why does DeMolay allow members of all religions to join?
    The value of having membership across religious spectrum is in the opportunity it provides for members of one religion or denomination to understand the perspective of the other. The diversity of this country provides opportunities to be introduced to faiths, cultures, and traditions from around the world. By allowing young men of different backgrounds to participate it prepares the young man to rely upon his faith and respect the faith of others. This principle will be very important as he becomes a more active citizen. He will value the culture and traditions of others while standing confidently upon his own beliefs.
  • What are the requirements to join?
    The requirements are few, but each is important. To be a member of DeMolay, a young man must: 1. Be between the ages of 12 and 21. 2. Be of good character and reputation. 3. Have a belief in one God, Supreme Being or Deity. 4. Complete an application. 5. Attend a two-part induction ceremony. ​
  • How much does it cost?
    Each Chapter or group has their own cost, but Hollywood charges only a one time fee of $75 for a lifetime membership. ​
  • What are the induction ceremonies like?
    The DeMolay induction ceremony is the celebration of a young man’s commitment to better himself by becoming a DeMolay Youth Leader. The orientation and explanation sets DeMolay apart from other organizations, because young men present it to all new members as a chapter. The ceremony itself contains two sections or “degrees”. The first second is called the “Initiatory Degree”. It is a solemn event during which the young man is acquainted with the founding principles of DeMolay. ​ The second section is called the “DeMolay Degree”. It is a play portrayed by DeMolay members. The subject of the play is loyally because it tells the story of Jacques DeMolay (who lived in the 14th century). The importance of the story for today’s youth is to always be loyal to your beliefs, family, friends, and commitments. We believe this is an important lesson for today’s youth.
  • How do they learn leadership skills?
    DeMolay prides itself on preparing young men for careers above and beyond education. Education is vitally important and DeMolay supplements it with specific training. A process of executing increased responsibilities teaches leadership skills. The chapter contains offices which members may obtain such as president and vice-president. Here are some examples: Master Councilor…………….President Senior Councilor…………….1st Vice-President Junior Councilor……………..2nd Vice-President Scribe…………………………Secretary Treasurer, Chaplain, and many others Members may move through the ranks and obtain higher offices, much like business positions. Each position carries more and more responsibilities. If he participates, here are just a few things that a young man will learn in DeMolay that will prepare him for leadership. These experiences will give him a head start on his classmates in the race for scholarships and jobs such as: Public Speaking Appearance and image maintenance How to plan and execute events such as banquets and dances How to run a business (Parliamentary Procedure) How to prepare agendas How to assign, utilize, and execute committees
  • How does a young man learn good character in DeMolay?
    Upon joining DeMolay, the young man will interact with other quality young men and advisors who are dedicated to upholding the aforementioned virtues. Young men act more upstanding when in the company of other quality young men. Acting in an upstanding manner becomes a habit. This habit demonstrates good character now and serves to mold a mature way of thinking as he obtains adulthood.
  • Young people need these skills, but do members want to learn?"
    Few young people are mature enough to desire this type of training without some type of fun. When DeMolays tell their friends about it, they discuss the fun aspects. DeMolays have a great deal of fun and all the while they learning to act with good character and they learn leadership skills. In order for fun to be had, members learn that they must plan it. Chapters routinely have dances, attend ball games, hold fund raisers (such as video game tournaments), and play organized sports or just pick-up games. Planning these things appears to be fun, but they are learning as well.
  • How much time does it take to be a DeMolay?
    The young man is invited to all events and can spend as much or as little time as he desires. Most chapters have two meetings per month to plan their activities. In addition to theses meetings there are other events during the month. There is no requirement to attend functions; however, we hope that the parents will enforce a six-month trial period. Usually after six months the young man is familiar enough with DeMolay to truly see the enjoyment and benefits. We have our "business meetings" on the second Friday of the month from 7:30 to 9:00, but have events throughout the month like bonfires at the beach, serving at Operation Gratitude, formal dances, shooting at the gun range, sporting events, and video game tournaments.
  • What types of activities does a DeMolay chapter have?
    ​Within certain parameters, the activities of a DeMolay Chapter are limited only by the imaginations of its members. Members of DeMolay chapter plan and hold social functions, fund raising, civic service projects, athletic activities, and much more. Insurance restrictions prohibit chapters from engaging in certain activities. However, overall, chapters have a wide range of activities from which they can choose as they plan their activities and projects calendar.
  • Can you stop being a member if you don't like it?
    Yes, you can stop participating at any time. A member will remain on our membership roll until they turn 21. Being on this roll entitles all members to participate in the DeMolay program if they desire.
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