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About DeMolay

We know you have lots of different choices on how to spend your time, and we'd love to show you what DeMolay has to offer.  We are a group of of young men from 12 - 20 looking to have fun while we make this world a better place and position ourselves as leaders in our schools, colleges, and our future.  

Are you interested in starting and running your own company?  Would you like to be mentored by CEO's, successful people in the entertainment industry, CIO's, accountants, and learn how you can receive scholarships or and gain admittance into top Universities?  DeMolay has a team of successful advisors ranging from Division 1 All-American Athletes to C-level executives who can help you navigate the transition from middle school to high school to college and beyond.  

Whether you are interested in business, public speaking, philanthropy, or just having fun with like-minded guys, DeMolay is a great place and open to everyone looking to improve themselves and grow.  We look forward to meeting you and seeing you at our fun events!  


Want to see just some of the fun things we do?  Take a look at some of the picture galleries below by clicking on the year!

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