Event Update For This Weekend

Hello! We've got a busy weekend coming up for those who want to have a good time and get some volunteer hours!

On Friday, we have the grubfest at Granada Hills at 7:00 pm, because nothing brings people together like some food.

Tell your friends and sign up for it here! : http://www.hollywooddemolay.org/events-1/granada-hills-grubfest

Saturday, we have a couple of things going on. In the morning, Dynasty League which we're a part of is volunteering to help put together care packages for troops oversees! It's a blast, so come help out and get some service hours in the process!

Tell your friends and sign up here: http://www.hollywooddemolay.org/events-1/operation-gratitude-with-dynasty-league

Saturday night, we have the opportunity to make some money by serving dinner at the Pasadena Scottish Rite. Free dinner for you too! Sign up here: http://www.hollywooddemolay.org/events-1/scottish-rite-serving

Sunday, if you're interested, we're going shotgun shooting! Dad Sheppard gives everyone some gun safety training and then we're off to blast some clay pigeons!

Bring your friends! http://www.hollywooddemolay.org/events-1/shotgun-shooting

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