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Event Update For This Weekend

Hello! We've got a busy weekend coming up for those who want to have a good time and get some volunteer hours!

On Friday, we have the grubfest at Granada Hills at 7:00 pm, because nothing brings people together like some food.

Tell your friends and sign up for it here! :

Saturday, we have a couple of things going on. In the morning, Dynasty League which we're a part of is volunteering to help put together care packages for troops oversees! It's a blast, so come help out and get some service hours in the process!

Saturday night, we have the opportunity to make some money by serving dinner at the Pasadena Scottish Rite. Free dinner for you too! Sign up here:

Sunday, if you're interested, we're going shotgun shooting! Dad Sheppard gives everyone some gun safety training and then we're off to blast some clay pigeons!

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