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The Art of Being a Gentleman - Seminar

September 29th is coming up and this month we have an amazing presentation that's going to cover stylish swagger, alluring conversations, and charming etiquette.


You'll walk away with knowing all your measurements as well as knowing which buttons you should button, how to know if a suit fits, and where to buy them. After that, it will be a master class on the art of the pickup. You'll learn the easiest ways to talk to women, and engage in conversation without being creepy or overbearing. Lots of secrets and tips that will help you take your game to the next level, and know if she's in to you.


You'll get the inside scoop on what guys think is attractive, some dressing tips and tricks, and an engaging night of fun!

But that's not all... after the presentations, we're going into some fun social mixers, eating some tacos, and ending with a competition for a prize. But to compete, you've got to sign up! We're looking to have 20 boys and 20 ladies between the age of 12 and 20. Are you game? Sign up here!

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